So you have a good screenplay. Your friends give you their advice. You’ve done your rewrites. Your mom loves it. You ship it off to producers and agents…and that’s where the story ends. What went wrong?

William Akers will tell you.

Your Screenplay Sucks! is the Film Resource of the Week specifically for screenwriters.

The book is as blunt as the title. However, the second part of the title is that shiny light you have been seeking…100 ways to make it great.yourscreenplaysucks5

Will Akers will make you want to slap him, yourself, and the nearest person in your vicinity. At first, that is. If you have ever asked for notes from someone and received a laundry list of problems that Santa would cringe at then you know how frustrating trying to get good feedback can be. William Akers will give you that list but he will also give you the solutions. That is what makes his book invaluable.

Your Screenplay Sucks! is formulated almost like a checklist. It is meant to help you doctor your script without the doctor. You can literally work your way through the book instead of trying to find tidbits of information that can be useful to your situation. A lot of the stuff is common sense but some of it will help you organize your own chaotic thoughts. And organizing thoughts for screenwriters is an invaluable asset.

Your Screenplay Sucks! is most likely best suited for fledgling to intermediate screenwriters.

You can purchase Your Screenplay Sucks, 100 Ways to Make it Great here.

Just always remember that a book won’t make you a great screenwriter, it can only help. Write. Write every day. And write some more after that.

William Akers keeps up a blog here  which has many free screenwriting tips.

William Akers is Lifetime Member of the WGA and has had three feature screenplays produced. He has taught screenwriting at Vanderbilt University for 19 years and is currently the Chair of the Program in Motion Pictures at Belmont University.