This is the first Kickstarter of the Week for the blog and who better to feature but the crew from Video Game High School!

vghs poster

Kickstarter Page

Goal: $636,010
Total Raised So Far: $643,275, 3 days to go.

I have to admit I have a bias here. I helped contribute to the season 1 Kickstarter and am a proud owner of it on Blu-ray.

I attended the Video Game High School panel at VidCon this year and the guys were genuine just like they are in the video. It was quite funny seeing Freddy Wong scramble around the room at the beginning of the panel trying to get the microphone to work for their behind the scenes of VGHS.

The nice thing about the VGHS crew is their transparency. For season 1 they broke down their budget cost into different categories and actually tell you the exact dollar amount each category took up. Their Season 1 Kickstarter goal was around $125,000. Although they received more than their goal the budget skyrocketed up to due to the cost of shooting locations, VFX shots, and not having the DVD and Blu-ray rewards system set-up.

Their entire budget is broken down in a visual presentation at the end of this article.

This year they are asking for $636,010 which was the exact cost of their budget last year.

This is a lot of money. However, they have already reached their goal as of this article.

Their financing system is all based on their audience and I believe there will be more projects like this in the future. Their method seems new, but in reality it is very similar to pre-selling a movie to guarantee they won’t lose money. With a great YouTube backing and Kickstarter, they have created a hybrid method of financing that I can only see getting bigger in the forseeable future.

I hope you watch and support their project (which, by the way, you will be able to view for free online).

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