The Black and Blue is an excellent film resource and is this week’s film resource of the week.

If you want to be a camera assistant or in the camera department, then this is the blog for you.

But heck, why should I be restating what’s already been said. Here is Evan Luzi, telling you about the Black and Blue in his own words:

Evan Luzi is the founder and editor of the site and has had his writing featured on websites such as nofilmschool and indiewire just to name a few.

Evan posts articles that are industry related on numerous different topics.

His article on females working in the film industry has garnered both praise and criticism but nonetheless is worth a read as Evan touches upon many of the realities a woman has to face on a day-to-day basis in the industry and what they should be prepared to face.

There are all variety of articles available that can be put to practical use. Need to file taxes as a freelancer? Here’s a guide.

Luzi makes it easy on finding what you want and has his articles broken down into the following sections (Click links to visit each section).

Evan Luzi
Evan Luzi, founder of The Black and Blue

Camera Assisting : Tips, tricks and advice about camera assisting

Cameras : Articles focused on cameras

Behind the Lens : Behind the scenes of the film process

Getting Work : Getting gigs as a freelance filmmaker

Industry News : The latest going-ons in the film industry

Miscellaneous Tips : Tips and advice covering a variety of topics

Production Stories : Stories from the front line of film productions

Toolkit : The best and most useful tools and gear

And collection of downloadable resources that can be found throughout the site including Becoming the Reel Deal, a guide on starting your film career in the camera department.

Evan’s professional website: