Both Scriptnotes and John August have been a well-known resource online but I thought that I would use Scriptnotes as a starting point for those who are just starting out in search of a plethora of information on screenwriting and the film business in general. I also wanted to choose this podcast  as I am an avid listener and consider this my first stop for screenwriting info.

John August IMDB
John August

On you will find writing tips, industry discussion, a library of PDF files for many of the projects John has worked on over the years, and even different professional writers speaking about what their optimal work space is like. Worth checking out as it is constantly updated.

Craig Mazin is John’s co-star in Scriptnotes. Craig has also been active in the online community with both his blog (which as of Scriptnotes, Craig no longer updates) and is a frequent conributor to Craig recently came to speak at UNLV while in Las Vegas for the Hangover III. Unfortunately, I didn’t get wind of this in time and missed his lecture.

Craig Mazin
Craig Mazin

Scriptnotes has been going on for over a year now with updates every week. The length of the show varies from 40 minutes to an hour. Craig and John talk screenwriting advice, Hollywood politics, and the struggles of the modern-day screenwriter. Although the podcast warns fledgling screenwriters just how hard the industry is, it is a breath of fresh air as you know that Craig and John are giving it to you straight.

John and Craig keep in touch with their listeners by frequently answering questions on the podcast and by offering up 3 page challenges. With the 3 Page Challenge, listeners send in three pages of a screenplay they have written. John’s assistant, Stuart Friedel, acts as a reader of a sort, and provides John and Craig with what he judges to be the best. John and Craig then proceed to review the three pages by pointing out what the writer has done well and what the writer needs to improve on. What is nice about this is that on you can download and view the submissions that they are going over so you can follow along.

You can listen to Scriptnotes directly on or by subscribing in the Itunes store.

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Each week I will be posting a review of another film resource and adding all of them to a film resource page.

See you next week!