The best way to get better at screenwriting, other than sitting down and actually writing, would be reading the works of other great screenwriters. Where might I get such documents you ask. Everything in Hollywood is a closed off secret you say.

Hark! No longer!

The Internet Movie Script Database is here!


With IMSDb you can browse scripts and download screenplays of any genre. Their database is already large and ever-growing. The best thing about this service? It’s free!

Another screenplay resource is Script-o-Rama which has been around for quite some time. I prefer IMSDb as the layout is easier to use but have used Script-o-rama many times in the past. Simply Scripts has a nice layout to it and is another decent resource

There you have it. An invaluable film resource to find scripts. Get to it!

Do you guys have any websites that you pull screenplays from? List them in the comments and help everyone out! I’ll post them up!

Screenplay downloads resource list:



Simply Scripts