Same Ghost Every Night by Gus Péwé.

Gus Péwé

“It’s about death, the fear of darkness, and the void.  It’s about broken hearts.  It’s about lonely ghosts. It’s about bears riding bikes.  It’s a love song.”

So this post is going up a little late. It was a crazy Friday.

Looking for good Kickstarter projects can be tough. Everybody has a good idea. I have looked at over a hundred so far just trying to decide what to pick each week for this segment.

There are so many videos that just show people talking to a camera for five minutes. No teaser, no reel, just the camera improperly framed and their word. I can’t highlight something that I wouldn’t want to put my own money towards.

That is why I am picking Same Ghost Every Night as the Kickstarter of the Week.

same ghost every nightGus Péwé does an excellent job of holding my attention and provides a quick look at his previous work. The pitch for the project is fun, interesting, and a bit ridiculous. A story about bear on bicycles and haunted food.

Péwé knows it sounds ridiculous and that just adds to the charm of the video. It’s not going to be the next Oscar winner but it’s definitely going to be fun.  I know that I was  entertained by the pitch video so I can hope that the short film itself will be just as good if not better.

It’s a short film. It’s a small budget. It’s doable. If you have a few bucks extra give this kid some money to entertain us. At least check out his Kickstarter video which I found hilarious.

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Let me know if you know of a good project to feature!