Every Thursday I will be doing a short film of the week. This week’s short is R’ha.

One filmmaker. 7 months.

Kaleb Lachowski has the internet, and Hollywood, buzzing with his new short animated film…which he created for a class assignment at his school, Mediadesign Hochschule, in Berlin, Germany.

Kaleb is only twenty-two years old.

He has been able to garner meeting with executives to discuss a feature-length film.
This week I saw R’ha show up on Reddit, the Philip Defranco Show, and Nofilmschool.com. It’s not often a short gets such accolades from the online world. I think the kid deserves a meeting.

Click play below and enjoy! Of course leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Ask Kaleb anything on his tumblr listed below:

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  1. Would have loved to have him around when we made the feature SPACESHIP TERROR. Love the look of the short. Designed well, and good 3D work and Direction. Would like to find out more on the complete concept for a full length of this picture. Looks great.