Philip Bloom
Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom was at the forefront of the DSLR revolution. On his website he tests, reviews, and compares lenses and cameras along with other film equipment. If you are looking to invest in some hardware or glass, Bloom’s website should be one of your first stops before investing your money.

You will find an education tab on his site (Bloom is part of Vimeo’s film education series) that includes tutorials on time-lapses, editing, lighting, color grading, and camera workflows. If you have a DSLR this is the first site you should be looking at to understand the camera.

camera breakdownsCurious about what a camera looks like? Bloom has a tab on his site that categorizes short films by the camera that was used in filming.

Curious about what camera to buy now that every company seems to have a camera claiming to be the best? Philip writes up on just that comparing the pros and cons of all the best cameras currently on the market…although he jokes at the start of the article he says himself that the article is outdated upon it being posted as there are new advancements every day.

Bloom has been criticized in the past for not having a glamorous background of work to back up his opinions. However, the success of Philip Bloom’s website is no fluke. His reviews are in-depth, thorough, and honest. Every so often he will bring short films to the attention of his readers and I am for anyone who pays it forward in the film community.

Philip Bloom’s website can basically be camera porn at times, but he himself reminds you that cameras and lenses are simply tools in telling a story. Always remember the end goal!

Check out Philip Bloom’s website if you haven’t already.

You can follow Bloom on twitter here: @PhilipBloom