So yeah. Based on the title you will probably figure that I didn’t finish the script.

But all is not lost!

The script has been evolving and getting better. I’m right at the length that I want which is good although that could potentially change.

One of the things I’ve come to love to do is delete scene. Find the scene in the notecard summary view, click it, and delete. I think “Yes, now I can write more,” which means I’m enjoying it too. Sometimes those scenes feel like a different writer wrote them. It is strange when you realize the pain that went into the process of writing those scenes but I look at it as a “Circle of Life” kind of deal.

Another thing that slowed me down a bit was establishing a timeline. There were scenes that I wanted to happen at night and scenes I wanted to take place in the daylight. It was a lot tougher trying to make everything logically fit without reshuffling everything. I had to combine some things and move things and come up with transitions that weren’t a waste of space.

rainbow note cards
An example of some of the craziness going on at the moment

The problem I had was that on one day the characters would do ten different things and the next day they would have an eighth of a page where nothing big would happen. Going through the timeline calendar made me tighten the screenplay up more.

Condense. Condense. Condense. I was worried a bit about overwhelming readers with all that is going but I read a printout and it seemed like a quick read.

My old professor Marc May always said audiences want information, information, information because of how short the attention span of the modern generation is. I believe he is right when talking about the general public.

I hope to finish it this week. I didn’t get much work done last week as I was in LA for a few days and busy running around to screenings while spending time with my brother on his Spring Break back from Utah State. It was a good week, just not for writing.

This is the week!