I am in pain.

I pulled a hamstring last night playing in a soccer game. I can hardly walk…and I have to drive to LA. Sigh.

Other than that things have been going okay. It’s been a bit hard to get sleep as we are getting our bathrooms done up and the guy shows up at 6:30 every morning.

However, for some reason, I am flying through my writing. I’m so close to being done it’s a tease. Just a few more refinements to the second act and I’m set. I may push back my St. Patrick’s Day deadline a few days in order to do a polish before sending the screenplay out for feedback. My brother is in town and once he gets over having his wisdom teeth pulled I will be spending time hanging out with him rather than writing.

Tonight I am helping Kynan Dias with a read-through of a screenplay he has been working on. After that I am headed to LA for a few days. Not really looking forward to driving with a torn up hamstring but it won’t stop me.

Til next week,