I’m very happy with the results I’ve had with this website. On average, I’m pulling in over 1,000 per week. For something that has only been active 4 weeks I consider this a personal success. I’m very glad that I decided to do this. I enjoy it and I think that it gives back a little bit to the filmmaking community both locally and online.

This website has brought me closer to both. I’m glad that I can make a difference and help people with their projects. Meeting people for interviews has shown me a different side of people I thought I knew really well already. It has all been an enlightening experience so far.

Shane Hurlbut saw the article I wrote about his blog and is now following me on twitter which I got excited about. It is very nice to know that people read this that are in the industry.

On the writing side I have made some nice progress. I got my printer working again so I printed the pages out of my latest rewrite. I went through line by line scratching things out and adding things in. I’m deep into the second act right now and things do seem to be going my way…which makes me nervous. It’s probably the movie mentality of having everything go smooth until something goes terribly, terribly wrong. Hopefully it won’t!

But now it looks like it is time for me to hit the writing again!

Thanks to all my readers for reading!