It’s Tony Tuesday. That means personal update 2.

Since last week I’ve kicked myself into gear.

Since the new year I have had an itch to be organized. I hate writing and feeling like I haven’t been efficient with my time. Part of the reason for this blog is to remind myself to be efficient.

One of the things that I have always struggled with is coming up with a writing timetable. I set a self-imposed deadline, stuff comes up, and I push the deadline back a week, two weeks, a month. I know damn well I can’t do that and expect any kind of success.

After each blog post is when my real work begins. I treat this blog as a warm-up to writing. It sounds silly but it gets the cobwebs out of my head. It starts to get me thinking about diction, the length of my writing, and if what I am saying really matters at all. Am I wasting the reader’s time by writing this? Some might argue that my rambling on the blog wastes their time but I can’t afford to have my screenplays do that. Every line and every word must be efficient.

Since last week I have reexamined the structure of my screenplay. I took a break from it for a time because I felt I was too close to it.  I’m good now. Fresh eyes.

When I first came up with the idea for my screenplay I immersed myself in the world that it was in. I watched movies that were of the same genre and broke down my favorites scene by scene on paper. I asked my friend Lundon Boyd for some recommendations for films I should watch if I were to have any business writing in the genre I’m in. I read books, graphic novels, articles…the works. (I am purposefully being vague about what my screenplay is about).

Digesting all that info I then went the notecard route and wrote every scene of my film onto a note card. I bought a cork board and broke it down by act. Going back and seeing what I originally had was eye-opening. I was trying to force things to happen because I knew so much about the subject I was writing. The script takes place in Las Vegas, which is where I grew up. I was trying to fit too much in.  I had to consolidate the story points.

Since I have done that it has been much easier to write. I’m about ten pages in after all the work I did on the outline and am itching to write more. Reworking the foundation in relieved a ton of pressure as knowing that I may have to cut entire sequences in subsequent drafts can be paralyzing (although I may still have to do that, Shhh don’t tell my subconscious).

Now I go back to writing. Also here is a movie club review for the first two episodes of House of Cards: