ORIGIN is and Irish animated short film and this week’s Short Film of the Week. The film is reflective of what is going on economically in Ireland today. I recently had a cousin move to Las Vegas in search of a job. This short captures the current struggles and the history that the Irish people are leaving behind.

The level of detail of the landscapes impressed me. From the airports to the streets, it definitely feels like Ireland. It’s important to highlight this as the setting is really a character in this short. You could say that the setting’s spirit is embodied in the stag.

originOverall, ORIGIN points out the history and spirit of your surroundings that you may only consider when you have already left.

ORIGIN had help from the Irish Film Board and is currently featured on their website.

Any other interesting shorts to feature? Send them my way!



  1. Wonder film,Beautifuly made and moving, Thank You

  2. Great! I wish there was a film festival for CG films like this only! no experimental, just straight animation with great characters!