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koo-nofilmschool-logo is a popular on website that has articles on a plethora of subjects to do with filmmaking. You can sign up for a weekly e-mail service that lists all of the developments on the site. They are not spammy at all so I would highly recommend it. The site is quite a handy tool that prides itself on the availability of information online about filmmaking. Thus the name nofilmschool. The site is designed to be a replacement, or at least a supplement, for film school. Despite the site’s name, there are interviews on the site with respected professionals in the industry about whether or not film school is the right fit for you.

Ryan Koo

Ryan Koo is the creator of nofilmschool and has been working on the blog for about five years. Ryan is currently working on his feature film debut Man-child which had an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign partly due to the nofilmschool readership audience. He is currently creating a short film based on Man-child to entice investors by giving them a taste of what the feature will be like.

Nofilmschool is really the first place I go to online when I am craving knowledge related to film. As a site, I don’t think they have ever missed a beat on film stories. They gather the best information and provide it to you in bulk. You aren’t going to want to read everything on their site. There is simply too much added on every week. However, I would say that you would be able to find whatever information you need on a subject of your choosing by searching their site or by picking and choosing articles from their weekly newsletter.

Screenwriting tips, lens reviews, color grading advice, directing tips, interviews, highlights of major film festivals, and links to other great blogs are just a few of the items you can find on the site.

If you haven’t heard of nofilmschool then check it out!