I am finishing another draft to give to friends tonight. Page 104 as we speak. Alas, I wish I was done earlier but unforeseen circumstances hindered my progress: My dog got really sick.

This is the first scare that I have had with my golden retriever, Mollie. We thought she got into some berries that were growing on a palm tree. We were wrong. She has been eating the tiny stones from the desert landscaping we have. Who knows why? Perhaps she is stressed out.

Either way, she vomited ten times today. Scary stuff. Rushed her to the vet after the third time. It was pretty bad as the third time also was the fourth and fifth. It wasn’t simply regurgitation either. She was in pain. It’s not fun seeing a dog in pain.

Luckily she is feeling better now. She still has stones in her intestinal tract so we have to take her to the vet in the morning to make sure the stones are passing. If they aren’t, she has a blockage…which is really bad. She looks like she is doing better though so I’m banking on the good news!

I’ll be updating more about Mollie on twitter and facebook so if you want updates follow me there.

In other news my jury duty ended. 5 counts. Not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, guilty, guilty. The two guilty counts are going to put someone in prison for a while I think. After seeing how a jury works…I never want to be in court.

The case was the United States v Bill Aubrey and Chester Carl. Had to do with federal funs being stolen, misused and embezzled. I’ve talked a lot about it to my family so if you want to know more please ask me privately. I was in court for a month. I’m too exhausted to type out everything.

Time to finish this screenplay again!