Hurlbut Visuals is the Film Resource of the Week.

Shane Hurlbut is a professional cinematographer with credits such as Act of Valor, Semi-Pro, Into the Blue, and Terminator Salvation. Yes he is the famous DP that Christian Bale screamed at on set.

However, one Hollywood star’s rant doesn’t change the fact that Shane Hurlbut is an excellent contributor to the filmmaking community.

Shane Hurlbut has his blog on his personal website Hurlbut Visuals.

The blog is a director of photography’s paradise. The blog has everything from simple framing techniques, to camera and lens reviews,  to equipment lists with detailed layouts of his lighting set-ups that he used in the making of the feature films he worked on.

If you are a director of photography that is just starting out or that is interested in learning from learning from another tradesman in your craft, you need to check out Hurlbut Visuals. Even if you are a director I would recommend checking this out as many articles will give you a better visual sense and a key to what goes on inside the mind of your DP.

Here is an example of Hurlbut walking you through the creation of book light which can be used as a beauty light. Book Light article

That’s all for this week. Have a film resource that you think is invaluable? Let me know down below!