friend request acceptedFriend Request: Accepted is a social media project. A photographer, Ty Morin, wants to take portrait pictures of all his 788 Facebook “friends”. He is doing this on an old 8×10 camera. The reason behind this is due to the long process of taking photos with such a camera. It allows him to spend time with the subject of his photos and to see what their passions are. Exploring a fire station, witnessing a tattoo artist in the process, and the an artist using fire to create art.

ty morin photographyNot only does Morin require money for dark room chemicals and film, but Morin’s friends are spread out across the country and that’s why he is doing this Kickstarter.

I think it is an interesting project that will show just how little you know about some of your Facebook friends. In a time of social media and antisocial tendencies, it’s nice to see someone examining the common connection they have with the people they have encountered in their life.

If you are interested in seeing Morin fulfilling his goal then please check out his Kickstarter page and check out his plan for yourself!

Here are some examples of Morin’s work: