black gun serenade titleBlack Gun Serenade is a fun short. It was done as part of the Las Vegas 48-hour film festival.

A group draws four categories and has 48 hours to write, direct, and edit a film. This is what this group of filmmakers had:

  • Genre: Adventure Serial
  • Character: Victor Black, musician
  • Line of Dialogue: “My motto, mind your own business.”
  • Prop: Chopsticks

If you like Trigun, or any Japanese animes for that matter, check out this short.

Directed by Rob Sholty, there are definitely elements drawn from Japanese anime and perhaps South Korean cinema. Overall, the short is a well-shot, well acted bundle of fun that I thoroughly enjoyed.

What about you? Did you like it? Maybe not? Leave a comment down below and let me know!

You can follow Rob Sholty on twitter at @robsholty


Below I listed the credits that they had on their vimeo page.

Black Gun Serenade

Written, Shot and Directed
Rob Sholty

Produced by
Andrea Walter and Lauren Oldfield

Charles Cantrell
Lindsey Naves
Mike Wurst
M. Simon Lim
Kynan Dias

Edited By
Jeremy Cloe
Rob Sholty

Post Production Sound
M. Simon Lim

Production Design/Wardrobe
Maricela Caballero

Grip and Electric
Brian Merrick
M. Simon Lim
Chanston Bender

Location Provided by Shobu Restaurant and Lindsey Kreiling

Special Thanks
Lindsey Kreiling

Kid Meets Cougar ” It’s All In Your Head”
Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack
Trigun Soundtrack