It has been a crazy time! After all that jury duty I got a gig doing the Billboard Music Awards. It was a fun show and I met a lot of cool people on it. I got to step into a field producers shoes for a few hours as the actual field producer wanted sleep. I got to oversee the construction of the set that Macklemore used at Tryst nightclub. The shift was killer as it was 10:30 PM – 11 AM. I actually didn’t get out of there until around 12 noon. It really knocked me out as I was normally working days and I was also slightly stressed with all of the responsibility suddenly tossed upon me. Overall, it was great and I’m glad it happened. It’s nice to have production managers and producers have faith in you.

I had a 4:15 AM call time the last day in order to drop people to the airports…unfortunately when I got there at 4:15 I found out I wasn’t needed as a lot of the crew had yet to wake up and everyone was able fit in the first van. I wasn’t mad about it but I did find it funny that this is the second time this has happened with airport runs on the last day. Got to roll with the punches!

I’ve had a few weeks off from soccer now so I’m looking forward to getting back into it. I tried to start the insanity workout and did the fitness test before the Billboards. A week later I went to do Day 1 and I couldn’t get past the 2 minute mark in the warm-up. My legs don’t feel…right. I’m having pain and pressure in my lower legs that I feel I shouldn’t be having. I’m planning on going to the doctor and hopefully get a scan.

Last Saturday I was able to catch up with Devon Byers who was back in town for the weekend. It was nice to catch up with him and my other talented friends Brian Merrick and Chanston Bender.

On the filmmaking side of things I’ve gotten notes from three people on my script. I definitely have enough to do another pass on it. However, I want to pry into their minds with conversation before I dive head first.

After my interview with Mike Wurst (will be posted tomorrow), Mike invited me to an acting class. I was put to work and had to get up in front of everyone and do a lot of improv. It was a lot of fun and also a little nerve-wracking. It was a nice, healthy experience to do that though especially as a director. The class itself is called Act Club. It takes place at Planet Hollywood every week. I would definitely recommend it especially due to the fact that the teacher focuses on the film side of things and acting for the camera.

Off the StreetIn the middle of the class we were visited by a director and producer who were looking for background actors for their short film on human trafficking. My ears perked up. I was definitely down for this. I showed up at 10 PM on a side road east of the Luxor with my wonderful girlfriend. Didn’t get done till about 230 AM. Stephen Baldwin starred in the short alongside Lauren Sweetser from Winter’s Bone. The people on the film were super friendly and it was a great experience. I am also extremely glad that I brought my girlfriend with me as she got talking to one of the other extras she was performing with (we had gotten split up with the blocking). The lady was a huge human trafficking awareness advocate as she had had her own daughter trafficked. In fact, she had written a letter that was in the book Off the Street by Detective Chris Baughman that I had read while doing research. She promised to help in any which way she could on my short I am doing on human trafficking.

So that’s a lot. If you made it this far I apologize. I will be updating much more frequently now and hopefully be getting back to a normal schedule! Stay tuned for some short films in the coming weeks!