Disney now owns Star Wars and have announced a new trilogy. Every fans reaction:

Disney has done well with Marvel so far. Can they do the same for Star Wars?

There are many possibilities that could happen. Here are some what ifs that crossed my mind:

MARVEL VS STAR WARS. Video game? One off/collaboration movie?

It would scream money. If I were an exec and cared about money it would be on my mind. That is, if I didn’t care about ruining a franchise for fans.

I expect to see at least a few video games churned out.  Final Fantasy and Disney teamed up. I could easily see a Star Wars/Marvel/Disney team-up in the future.

Video games I won’t really mind. I’m more worried about the movies. Speaking of movies:

Princess Leia could now get her own Princess movie.

An animated movie is almost a certain bet for her.

There will certainly be more Star Wars stuff at Disneyland, which, for us guys, is not a bad thing. With all the Star Wars stuff that was already there you almost wonder if this deal has been in the making for years…hmm…conspiracy theory forming…

However, no matter what Disney makes fans will feel like they are having their childhoods destroyed all over again. Did Disney lure Star Wars to the dark side?

What else will we see? Can Disney save Star Wars as it did Marvel?

Or did Disney lure Star Wars to the dark side?

Let me know in the comments down below.

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  1. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, Star Wars is, after all, the reason why most of us are in the business, not because it was creepy and suspense but for the entertainment, new adventures, strange universe. As a kid I totally flipped out when I first saw Ralph Mcquarrie’s Luke Skywalker with the lightsaber and the breathing mask and the stormtroopers with the shields and lightsabers. I think that Disney has capable people to rely upon and there are many directors that are aware of how fans think at the franchise. They chose right ones for Marvel, I think they will choose the right ones now. Otherwise they always call on me 🙂 cheers.