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Tony Clifford

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Remembering Michael Neel

August 15, 2013

Michael Neel is a friend that I lost recently that I’ve known him since middle school. Mike was in the first short film I ever...


Liars, Fires, and Bears producer Constanza Castro talks the ins and outs of indie filmmaking

July 17, 2013

Today I get to sit down with a future AFI producing fellow and the producer the Las Vegas indie film Liars, Fires, and Bears, Constanza...


The American Film Institute and editing. An interview with Drew Mixon.

June 13, 2013

Today I sit down with Drew Mixon and speak with him about his grad school experiences at the American Film Institute Conservatory, his undergrad experiences...


It’s all part of the plan. My first feature, but first…

June 12, 2013

I keep getting the question from people, family, friends, complete strangers, ¬†about what I’m up to. The answer? Plotting. And a bit of writing, that...

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